Our Ethos


Caliz London was founded with the mission to create jewellery designs that are not only beautiful and unique, but can make a difference to the world by giving back to mother-nature, our vulnerable environment and our artisan communities in Colombia.

We are committed to cultivating:

  • Handcrafted designs from natural, ethical and eco-friendly materials that are sustainable and responsibly sourced.
  • High quality, innovative, original and truly unique pieces with heart, soul and a story behind them.
  • The feel good factor, knowing that what you are wearing is making a difference by supporting a number of worthy causes.
  • Change from an environmental and social perspective through our three main principles: elephant conservation, rainforest preservation and fair trade practices.

Elephant Conservation

Every day elephants are killed for their ivory as a result of greed and ignorance, and if this practice is not abolished, in the near future these magical creatures might face extinction.

Today, Vegetable ivory is the only natural and sustainable alternative to elephant ivory, because the texture and colour are almost identical. By using this special material in our designs, we are creating awareness of vegetable ivory and how it can promote elephant conservation. We are convinced this will significantly reduce the demand for elephant ivory.

Rainforest Preservation

We work with natural materials that are sustainably sourced from Colombia. Palm trees are not harmed in the process because the seeds grow from regenerative pods from the palm's trunks and are collected from the ground in the rainforest. The commercialization of these seeds helps the world's rainforests to survive by providing an alternative income to the harvesters instead of being forced to sell their lands to destructive industries.


We work with highly skilled artisans from Colombia.  We are committed to remunerate them fairly in order to create better working conditions and local sustainability.  We invest in relationships with our artisans and treat them as partners to find common understanding of how to grow together and obtain mutual benefit.

It is our aim to create a fairtrade lifestyle brand where justice and sustainable development are at the heart of our trade structures and practices, so that through their work our artisans can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood and develop their full potential.